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It is important for any man to be able to express his love for a woman he likes so much. By downloading this application you will find the short, medium or long phrases you need to express what you feel for that woman you like so much.

When I first saw you, I could never have imagined how far we had come. First we were strangers, then friends, then best friends, and here we are now as lovers. There will never be a day when I forget to count you as a blessing because baby I know there is no one else in the world who is as perfect for me as you.

Every time we look at each other I feel as if something moved inside me, through my whole body; but it’s something nice, something that gives me so much energy and joy, that I know that everything will be fine as long as we are together. You are the one who gives me peace and I appreciate all the love you give me and everything you do for me; I am very happy to have found you in my life and because I like you just as I am.

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Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 in British India, and spent much of his life committed to the Indian nationalist movement. Despite British rule, he always based his advocacy on a categorical rejection of armed struggle, instituting other methods of peaceful social protest such as the hunger strike, and spending several times in jail. This earned him the consideration of national hero. In addition, Gandhi always advocated the defense of the lower classes of society, as well as the peaceful coexistence of different religions and was one of the first people to defend vegetarianism, for rejecting outright any kind of violence or abuse against living beings. His life would end on January 30, 1948 in New Delhi, when he was assassinated by a radical Hindu related to extreme right-wing groups in India, who shot him three times while he was praying as he did every night. Gandi left a legacy in the form of thought that we remember now with the 20 quotes that everyone should know.

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Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was not only the president of Venezuela, but he became a great leader and reference in Latin America. The Bolivarian Revolution, a project of social transformation for the benefit of the Venezuelan and American people, earned him the love of an entire region that was subjected to imperial interests.

-Every day the world is more hopeful about the Bolivarian Revolution. We cannot fail the world. The future, the salvation of this planet may depend on what happens in Venezuela, on the success of our revolution.

-We are beginning to see what the Father Liberator imagined: A great region where justice, equality and freedom must reign. Magic formula for the life of nations and peace among peoples.

«At 4:25 pm Commander President Hugo Chávez passed away. We convey to his relatives, and to all our people our sorrow. In this immense pain, of this historic tragedy (…) We call on all Venezuelans to be vigilant of peace, of respect, of the tranquility of this homeland», was Maduro’s message to the Venezuelan people.

Alexander and a Terrible, Horrible, Bad, Very Bad Day

Online dating is an increasingly normal activity, especially in times of total and partial confinement. Who hasn’t downloaded Tinder or Bumble, or made an account on Meetic or Badoo, or any other dating app, to find a partner?

Now, like everything in this life, the world of love and online dating has a dark side: employees who have to impersonate women, algorithms that do not seek to find you a compatible partner, but want you to keep paying….

My ex-boyfriend worked for the dating site Yahoo.  Italy in the early 2000s. His job was to pretend he was a woman and write messages to clients (men) shortly before their accounts and balance expired. That encouraged them to pay to renew their subscriptions. Once they renewed, they were ghosting them.

I have data on why people ghosting. Our app is special because it only allows you to chat with 3 people at a time. If you replace someone with a new person, a survey pops up for you to explain why you no longer want to talk to the previous contact. These are the most to least popular answers.

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