Videos De Posiciones Para Hacerle El Amor A Una Mujer

Poses that Guarantee Female Orgasm, Discover them!

The above definition is not what people generally think of when they think of sex. And especially when people suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI or Spinal Cord Injury), there are usually many other questions that arise such as:

Menstrual periods often stop for a period due to the shock the body has received after a traumatic injury or illness. It usually returns within six months or less. Tampons or menstrual pads can be used.

Many women prefer tampons because they do not contribute to skin irritation and offer better protection during transfers. If you use tampons, you should change them often, at least three times a day. They will help avoid the risk of toxic shock syndrome, a dangerous condition caused by not changing your tampon frequently and regularly. If you have trouble inserting a tampon because of limited hand function, try a lubricated tampon or have an assistant help you.


Advertisement Everyone knows perfectly what they like the most, what gives them the most pleasure and drives them to madness. Enjoyment and pleasure come together with men’s favorite sexual positions. Do you share the same sexual tastes?

There are thousands of ways to turn passion into passion and without a doubt, many of them are found in the «bible» of sex. The Kamasutra is an excellent guide that lets your imagination run wild (if you don’t believe us, check out UB’s own practical Kamasutra guide).    For sex to be euphoric and for both of you to achieve maximum arousal know the favorite positions your man prefers:

This is one of the favorite positions for the male gender because by having action from behind, they feel they have the ability to dominate you. No matter if it is the classic and traditional position, it is everyone’s favorite. If you want to turn him on, this is one of the most exciting for them.

We don’t know why, but men like this somewhat complicated position. The woman lies on her back, while he lies on his stomach facing your legs. The excitement lies in not being able to see each other’s faces. Your hands are free to caress your boyfriend’s body.


Sex, sexuality and intimacy are just as important for people with cancer as they are for people without cancer. In fact, sexuality and intimacy have been shown to help people coping with cancer by helping them cope with feelings of distress and getting through treatment. However, the reality is that a person’s sexual organs, sexual desire (sex drive or libido), sexual function, well-being and body image can be affected by cancer and its treatment. They can also affect the way a person displays sexuality. For more information, see How cancer and treatment can affect sexuality and Cancer, sex and the male body.

It is very important to talk about what to expect and to continue to express what is changing or has changed in your sex life as you go through procedures, treatments and follow-up care.  Don’t assume that your doctor or nurse will ask you about any other concerns you have about sexuality.  Remember, if they don’t know you have a problem, they can’t help you manage it. Here are some ways you can start talking with your health care team about problems you may have.


Over time many couples lose some of that passion that used to drive them crazy. It is normal, don’t worry, but everything in this life has a solution and trying new things is always a good idea, especially if we talk about

It is one of the most special positions for couples. This is so because the woman who normally will be the one who sits on top of the man crossing her legs surrounding him and hugging him at the same time. The

one of the positions that gives the most power to the woman and besides, they love it. Assume absolute control over him and over the situation, being able to be on your back or on your front, or even exchanging both positions. They will only want to see you enjoy, something that will excite them a lot.

This is one of the positions that excites men the most. The woman can be lying face down or on all fours, even standing but always on her back. While they are the ones who take the reins and will penetrate you but from behind. The guys

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